About the Book:

From beginning to end, readers of all ages will fall in love with Woody, a little wood duckling, and his siblings, Buzz and Zoey. The day after hatching, the ducklings must jump from their nest, forty feet high in a tree. Buzz and Zoey are ready – Woody does not want to go!

Follow Woody from being afraid of his future to taking a courageous leap of faith with support from his siblings, all told with wit and wisdom.


“I thought this book was an adorable story capturing perfectly the importance of courage. It shows young readers the benefits of bravery, and how more often than not, troubles are not as bad as they at first seem. Additionally, this book had absolutely stunning illustrations. The large, beautifully drawn images had so much detail and life to them. I also loved the formatting; with feather details on each page and boxes around the words, the book is easy to follow and fun for young readers. I would recommend this story to all readers, but especially to those in the four to nine age group. I think readers of this age, whether being read to by a caretaker or reading solo, would appreciate this book the most.”

Theresa Kadair

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About the Author:

The author spent much of her career in health care, but always dreamed about writing a book. A great mystery fan, she assumed if she ever pursued that dream it would be a mystery. Then, one day while working in remote Montana, she saw three photographs of wood ducklings preparing to leave the nest – by jumping! Her curiosity was roused and imagination stimulated about it was like to take that jump. And so, Woody (who doesn’t want to jump), his brother Buzz, who has a buzz cut and wears sunglasses, and his sister Zoey, who wants to be a ballerina and wears a tutu came to life!