Book Summary:

There are messages told through language.

There are messages told through symbols.

And there are messages told through terror.

Nabii Akachi, a young Moorish royal, unveils a series of cryptic messages and discovers her dreams are linked to an ages-old mystical prophecy with global implications.

The Twelve Realms is a historical re imagining that links kings and paupers, priests and soldiers, and shaman and witches in an epic adventure. Nabii is the key within a tapestry of intertwined people from Western Africa to the Far East and the British Isles who must join forces and find a weapon that will defeat the shadows prophesied to rise from the deep.

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Manhattan Book Review

The Twelve Realms by A.D. Sloane is a thrilling fantasy that carries readers on an epic quest to save humanity before time runs out and all of life is destroyed. From the very first page, Sloane creates such anticipation and a sense of urgency with her opening words: “In the mysterious tongue of my homeland/ Three words spoken, so pure, so sublime. Continuous whispers haunt me night after night/ Ni wakati wa. It is time. It is time. It is time.” Her writing is accessible and entertaining from the first to last page.

A.D. Sloane brings readers on a heroic adventure through numerous kingdoms and various explorations that are exciting and incredibly engaging. On this expedition, readers will meet an all-star cast of powerful heroes, crafty heroines, malevolent villains, and wicked scoundrels, all stocked with a litany of abilities. These capabilities appear in an array of situations that encourage the characters to grow or confront a deep sentiment once hidden or unknown. Sloane’s characters, which are well-rounded and diverse, are also filled with depth, and are relatable to readers across age groups and personal backgrounds. Some folks appear dangerous from their introduction but demonstrate true courage and valor when the need arises, whereas others that were at first perceived as champions will prove to have ulterior motives in time. The map and chart of clan members of the Twelve Realms at the beginning of the book provides readers with a visual reference of the domains and a clear outline of noteworthy individuals. Moreover, Sloane also includes a charming sketch of the Kingdom of Karacen for guidance and context to the narrative. This kingdom, in addition to many other stops along the way, will cleverly impress themselves upon the hearts of all those along for the ride. Readers will thoroughly enjoy traveling through the territories with Sloane’s characters, discovering the assorted differences and endowments between dominions.

Given the length of the text, an older reader will likely more appreciate the content and plot, although the frequent skirmishes and deep revelations in each chapter will hold the attention of any reader. In addition, the chapters are rather short and quickly move the narrative along. Readers familiar with texts such as The Lord of The Rings and other prominent action fantasy stories will thoroughly appreciate the fascinating tale Sloane has constructed. A.D. Sloane’s The Twelve Realms easily earns 5 stars and will quickly become a household favorite. Readers will anxiously await her next publication, eager to devour more by this mesmerizing author.

About the Author:

A.D. Sloane attended the University of Illinois at Chicago, where she earned her B.S. in Occupational Therapy and DePaul University, where she earned her MPA. She has enjoyed a career as a development officer for nonprofits and universities where she focused on student advancement and K-14 outreach. She lives near Chicago, Illinois with her husband and two children.