About the Book:

Along the North Carolina coast, random people are aging decades in days and dying within a week. Suspecting some weird new form of radiation, the Pentagon sends its top secret Nuke Response Team Alpha to investigate.

Team chief Colonel Blake Hunter is on vacation in Greece when unknown agents try to kill him and kidnap his young family. What horrifying new weapon have the terrorists created? How can Hunter stop them when his wife and children are in the danger zone?


“Fans of plots with highly competent protagonists and sophisticated technology, such as the James Bond series, should read this book. The vividly depicted action sequences are excellent movie material, and I appreciated the use of functional technology, such as GPS and sensors that tell the protagonist’s location and health state, as well as a holographic shield that works as an invisibility cloak.

This all-around thrilling story offers readers an opportunity to immerse themselves in the exciting and challenging world of a relentless agent on a highly dangerous mission from the comfort of their own homes, as well as appreciate the mundane after exploring the possibility of losing it all in the book. A tremendously captivating and addictive experience!”

Foluso Falaye, San Francisco Book Review

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About the Author:

Charles A. Salter has published dozens of fiction and non-fiction books and hundreds of magazine and newspaper articles over the past 4 decades. This is Book One of his new series NUKE RESPONSE TEAM ALPHA.