About the Book:

We’ve been conditioned to treat strangers better than customers and to endlessly chase what we don’t have. But the key to a highly profitable and fulfilling business is acknowledging and appreciating what we already have—in particular, our existing customers.

Products are replicable, but the way you make people feel can never be replicated. You can stand out in a crowded market by making your customers feel acknowledged, respected, and appreciated.

Drawing from her career in customer-relationship marketing with major brands like Gucci, Ralph Lauren and La Redoute, Mihaela Akers lays out the essential ideas for building sincere, long-lasting relationships with customers who not only adore you, but who also eagerly buy from you for life.

In The Art of Lifelong Customers, you’ll discover how to:

  • Become a magnet for high-quality customers
  • Make your customers feel seen and appreciated
  • Speak differently to different customers
  • Build a VIP Customer Love Program
  • Become best friends with your customer data
  • Create an authentic emotional connection

You’ll find that the forgotten art of making people feel appreciated is the new science of making customers stay.

Mihaela Akers’ marketing insights have been featured in major media venues, including NBC News, Fiscal Times, and U.S. News and World Report. She’s helped shape the marketing strategies of some of the world’s leading companies, including Ralph Lauren and Gucci. She believes in the power of acknowledgement, sincerity, and caring about your customers.


“Mihaela Akers brings to the table only what years of experience can. With tips on everything from mindset to gift-giving to marketing, The Art of Lifelong Customers is simply fantastic. This book will help business owners create lasting customer retention by building meaningful, authentic relationships.”

(Manhattan Book Review)

“This book is packed with essential information. The Art Of Lifelong Customers will engage readers and provide much-needed advice. People who have a business or provide any services will find this book extremely useful. The friendly tone feels like talking to a friend. The author does not simply write the do’s and don’ts, but she backs it up with analytics, good examples, personal experiences, and proper research.”

(Independent Book Review)

The Art of Lifelong Customers is a fantastic way to help you stand out in the crowd, whether your business is a kitchen table start-up or a multinational enterprise.”

(Readers’ Favorite)

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About the Author:

Mihaela is the author of The Art of Lifelong Customers, the non-fiction book in which she lays out the essential ideas for building sincere, profitable and fulfilling relationships with customers who not only adore you, but who also eagerly buy from you for life.

Mihaela’s 14+ years of marketing experience includes working with Gucci, Ralph Lauren, La Redoute, KingSize Direct, MedicAlert Foundation and others. She started her career as a marketing analyst and in her last full-time role, she was a Director of Global Customer Intelligence and Experience Management at Ralph Lauren. She’s worked with databases of millions of customers and conducted hundreds of marketing experiments.

Mihaela’s marketing ideas have been featured in NBC News, Authority Magazine, Shopify Plus, US News and World Report, Fiscal Times, National Federation of Independent Business and others.

Mihaela is passionate about writing, sharing her expertise and inspiring people to become fulfilled, peaceful and abundant. She writes about business and personal growth on her website, www.builduplab.com.

Mihaela holds an MBA from NYU Stern Business School, a M.S. in Direct Response Marketing from NYU and a B.A. in English from Vassar College.