Professor Caitlyn Morrys, a passionate and vocal educator at a small college, finds herself at the heart of a fierce debate over academic freedom and teacher tenure. The situation takes a deadly turn when the college President, who is Caitlyn’s primary adversary, is discovered stabbed to death in his office. Acting Chief Inspector Cormac Robertson, who strongly believes in the power of past life regression, decides that the key to solving the murder lies in uncovering Caitlyn’s past lives through hypnosis. While under hypnosis, Caitlyn reveals numerous details from her previous lives, offering insights into historical connections and motives for the crime.This information enables the detective to identify the main suspect, who he realizes is on their way to attack Caitlyn again, seeking revenge for a betrayal from their past lives.

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“Those not familiar with the inner workings of higher education may be shocked at the complexity and hellishness of various committees, faculty hierarchies and the pressure to publish. Tiegerman devotes substantial real estate to these topics, laying groundwork in the process for the motive of the killer or killers. Caitlyn’s passion and idealism is also a doorway into putting her character into potential danger as well.” 

– Mishka Rao, Best Thrillers


“The book brims with twists and turns that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. It also highlights the unpleasant reality of the divergence of opinions on political views on university campuses, which can lead to tension between professors and students.” 

– Amanda Hanson, The US Review of Books



  • What message do you hope readers take away from “Past Lives Denied”?

I hope that readers take up the challenge of a personal journey of exploration about the possibility of having had a past life.  I believe that it is worth the effort and the time to investigate this very important aspect of our present life.  According to Dr. Weiss, this realization can lead to personal, physical and mental healing which transcends anything in the present.  Just as Caitlyn goes through a personal journey, I hope the novel encourages other people to take a chance and explore the possibility.  

  • How did you develop the tension between different characters?

There are two parallel levels of tension within Past Lives Denied.  The first level involves self-acceptance within the main characters and their discussions about accepting past life regression.  The second level involves the tension that takes place at the University Personnel Committee meetings when candidates are being reviewed for tenure.  The two topics of past life and tenure create the tension between and amongst the various characters that discuss the issues and challenge one another about their beliefs, attitudes and opinions.  So, to answer the question, quite simply, the thematic topic creates the tension and the discourse.

  • Can you discuss any symbolic elements you included in the story?

The entire topic of past lives is symbolic in nature.  What is real?  Are your dreams, flashbacks and nightmares real?  Think about dream therapy and the significance of analyzing your earliest memories to better understand your relationships with your siblings and parents.  Aren’t your memories, in whatever form they take, symbolic?  The symbolism in your flashbacks convey important meanings about issues and problems that can help you resolve challenges in your present life.  The symbolism is, what do your past life memories mean for your present life?

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