About the Book:

Adventure comes when you least expect it. Sometimes, when that happens life turns upside down. In this sequel to Mia, Ripples in the Water, Mia finds herself wandering down a path she never planned to take.

This detour forces her to question who she is and who she is becoming. It challenges what she believes to be her purpose in life and throws her into turmoil over the issues of forgiveness and friendship.

The crooked road is not part of her plan but perhaps it is exactly where she need to travel to discover who she is meant to be.


“In this follow-up to Jennings’ children’s novel Mia: Ripples in the Water (2019), Mia is back with her family of anthropomorphized mice in Italy. She takes part in the daily gathering of food, cooperates with her brothers, Cade and Rupert, and copes with the hostility and jealousy from another group of siblings led by her sister, Invidia. The book opens with an incident in the marketplace, where the mice escape a cat and the attentions of the merchants whose crumbs they steal…This vibrant blend of the spirit of the Redwall fiction series and the Ramona Quimby novels will likely appeal to young independent readers.”

~ Kirkus Reviews

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About the Author:

Mia, The Crooked Road, Receives International Children’s Book Award and 5-star Review.

With her latest book, Mia, The Crooked Road, author D.A. Jennings delivers another adventure where the courageous mouse, Mia, overcomes sibling conflicts, jealousy, and bullying from her sister Invidia. On her unplanned journey of self-discovery, she forms unlikely friendships with different creatures who share their opinions and advice with humor and sincerity. The Crooked Road powerfully shows how lies and misunderstandings can lead to a break in family relationships and even depression, and how forgiveness can lead to self-realization and friendship.

In addition to the Mia series, author D.A. Jennings has written three other successful children’s illustrated books that have been well received. She is an adjunct instructor for creative writing at Harford Community College and is regularly requested to present her books at schools and special events. Her books promote how to overcome conflicts, being a friend, taking care of the environment, and using your imagination. All her books may be viewed and purchased through her website dajennings.com or Amazon.com.