This is a satirical portrayal of Donald Trump’s ascent to power and his unconventional alliance with Vladimir Putin. Trump, depicted as egotistical and emotionally stunted since childhood, transitions from real estate to reality TV before entering politics. He recruits shock jock Alex Clamz for his presidential campaign, facing off against the sensible Mallory Claxton. Despite scandal and controversy, Trump wins the presidency with covert support from Putin. The narrative humorously highlights their contrasting personalities, with Putin portrayed as a former KGB agent with unique coping mechanisms. The story unfolds with absurdity and farce, reflecting on contemporary political dynamics through a comedic lens.

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  1. Can you share an anecdote from the writing or publishing process?

Once it was clear I was going to self-publish, I did a lot of research on reputable companies which would suit my needs. There are a few companies who advertise on TV, “If we agree to publish your book, we’ll take care of everything.” Of course, that agreement is based solely on your ability to pay. And willingness to share your royalties. Sure, I love the idea of helping to pay for your TV advertising. I hit upon STANDOUT books in England after reading many favorable reviews of their work. There were flat fees for each service: ISBN #”s, cover execution, print formatting, and e-book formatting. I went back and forth maybe ten times on each element before I signed off on each one (“I want the crown smaller. Even smaller. I want the title to fit entirely under the haircut. I want the medal I received to be just above my name on the right, and the review on the left.”) I also wanted the back cover to be just so, other bits of reviews, and my photo and bio at the bottom. None of this was inexpensive. However, I was never encouraged to “upgrade”, and I’m very happy with the finished product.

  1. Were there any parts of the book that were rewritten multiple times?

Within the last 30 pages, I rewrote a few sections several times. I knew how the book was going to end, but getting there was the challenge. I had to decide if the book were going to go “full-tilt Strangelove Kubrick.”, or something less extreme. Many people don’t know that Kubrick shot 2 different endings for Dr. Strangelove. The core of the original ending was to be a pie fight to end all pie fights in the war room. A pie wallops President Muffley (Peter Sellers) in the face and knocks him out of his chair. Buck Turgidson (George C. Scott) screams “Our president has been cut down in in his prime by a pie!” This sequence was shot before Nov. 22, 1963, the day President Kennedy was killed. Kubrick and Peter Sellers quickly came up with a different ending, the current one.

  1. How did you celebrate the completion of your manuscript?

My wife and I had a really lovely meal with some live music. We toasted each other that we had survived our combined six cancers. And we determined whatever happened politically, we could survive that too.

  1. What was the most enjoyable part of writing this book?

After all re-writes and tinkering, having it turn out the way I wanted. And the actor in me really enjoyed the laughter the book provoked.

Author Info

Robert Trebor is a character actor with more than 40 years experience on stage, film and television. Two of his noteworthy roles are The Son of Sam in the film Out Of The Darkness, and Salmoneus the merchant in the Hercules and Xena TV series. Playing both a psychopath and a salesman was enormously helpful in preparing this book. For more information –

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