Taiki Inomata has always loved badminton, and he really wants to go to the nationals. Then there’s Chinatsu Kano, a basketball player who shares the same dream as him. When a turn of events brings them closer together, Taiki isn’t sure how to react. Then Taiki gets paired with Kengo Haryu, an upperclassman in badminton who is also good friends with Chinatsu. Taiki is already jealous that Chinatsu is close with another boy, but to make matters worse, Taiki’s next opponent also has a crush on Chinatsu. Will Taiki’s expectations lose?

I think this book is better than the first! It had a little more drama, and that really made me really want to see what happened next. I really like the cute little sketches the author did at the end of each chapter. There was also a large cliffhanger at the end, and I can’t wait for the next one! Highly recommended to manga readers who are looking for a cute romance and slice-of-life type book.