Study Finds Hidden Ingredient Reduces Calorie Intake Leading to Weight Loss


A recent study from Pennsylvania State University utilized hidden ingredients in recipes, aimed at lowering calorie content, and evaluated participants’ responses to the hidden ingredients. Researchers used hidden pureed vegetables to decrease calorie content in meals in order to determine if participants would feel satisfied with the lower calorie intake. Vegetables are low in calories and high in fiber and nutrients leading to satiation and weight loss. Although weight loss was not a factor in this study, other studies have found positive association with increased vegetable intake and subsequent weight loss.

In the study conducted at Pennsylvania State University participants were assigned to three different groups. Food intake was controlled by weight so all groups consumed the same volume of food. In the groups receiving pureed vegetables, one was designed with about 200 less calories and the other group had 357 fewer calories. Even though weight loss was not a factor in this study, a reduction of nearly 360 calories per day could lead to a loss of about one pound every 10 days. The important aspect of the study was the satiation of the subjects and whether or not they enjoyed the food with pureed vegetables.

In the survey all participants reported that they enjoyed the taste of the food regardless of whether or not they could taste the pureed vegetables. Despite the lowered calorie intake, all participants reported that they felt satisfied by the meals they were served. The researchers concluded that adding a significant amount of vegetables in the diet can lead to lower overall calorie intake. Decreasing calorie density of meals by adding nutrient rich vegetables is a healthy way to approach weight management without compromising satiety.

A study published in the International Journal of Obesity looked at over 74,000 women and found those with the largest increase in consumption of fruits and vegetables had a 24% lower risk of obesity. Another 10 year follow up study from Spain found that increased fruit and vegetable consumption was significantly associated with a lower risk of medium weight gain. The researchers in this study concluded that increased fruit and vegetable intake should be vigorously promoted to prevent obesity.

The biggest obstacle to increasing fruit and vegetable intake is not the knowledge of their efficacy in improved health and weight loss; it is the fact that Americans simply refuse to do so. Richard Mattes Professor of Foods and Nutrition at Purdue University observed: in several unrelated but similar studies, even though participants lost weight they claimed they would not continue the diet at home. The reasons they stated were that they would not spend the money on the vegetables nor would they spend the time to prepare them.

Utilizing the calorie reducing power of vegetable purees is simple. Pureed steamed cauliflower can be used in cream sauces; pureed carrots can be used in tomato based sauces; and green leafy vegetables can be pureed in soups, stews, and smoothies. The key to successful weight loss is to decrease calorie density by adding more fruits and vegetables in the diet while decreasing consumption of processed calorie laden foods. The studies available offer excellent insight into the dietary changes necessary to combat obesity; it is merely the choice of the individual whether or not this knowledge will create change.



Spirulina – the Ultimate Ocean Protein


Is spirulina the best protein on Earth? Honestly, if a health ‘expert’ tells you that one protein source is better for you than another – be careful. In reality, we all absorb nutrients in a variety of ways due to personal health history, age, food combining, heavy metal toxicity, genetics – the list goes on and on.

Are you protein deficient? On the next NaturalNews Talk Hour, Jonathan Landsman and Dr. Gerald Cyweski, a top expert on large-scale microalgae production talk about one of the most popular superfoods on the planet – spirulina. We’ll discuss the safety concerns surrounding spriulina – especially since the Fukushima nuclear accident; why all brands are not created equal plus much more.

Should everyone be consuming spirulina?

First of all, as a long-time vegetarian, I must admit it’s easy to become protein (or nutrient) deficient on any diet, including the widely-celebrated vegan way of life. Too many vegetarians opt for ‘fake meat’ products – loaded with genetically engineered or heavily processed soy ingredients. These synthetic proteins create hormonal imbalances, thyroid disorders plus a host of immune system problems.

Generally speaking, chronic fatigue, emotional stress or any other chronic health condition can be linked to a poor diet. When considering which protein is best for you – always consider the quality first. If you prefer an animal-based protein diet – be sure to eat 100% grass-fed beef or raw (grass-fed) dairy products to avoid the genetically engineered toxins fed to conventionally-raised animals.

Keep in mind, conventionally-raised animal food producers don’t want you to know how their animals are fed. In truth, most of these animals are eating GMOs, getting pumped with antibiotics and fed the lowest-cost (unnatural) animal feed.

Conversely, many vegetarians eat too many processed carbohydrates, synthetic vitamins and minerals and foreign proteins – which leave the body nutrient deprived. Low-quality protein intake can lead to cellular stress; low sex drive; poor brain function, eye health and cardiovascular disease.

If you’re looking for a good source of protein – just 3 grams of high-quality spirulina provides 60% protein, lots of vitamins and minerals plus many phytonutrients for optimal health.

How does spirulina reverse disease conditions?

Spirulina, known as a cyanobacteria or blue-green algae, are found in pristine freshwater lakes, ponds, and rivers. This truly ‘super’ food offers health benefits to almost every organ and bodily function. If you’re looking for cellular regeneration, accelerated wound repair or faster healing time – spirulina can help. By enriching the immune system, you’re less likely to experience colds, flus or other infectious diseases.

In this computer age, many people are looking to improve their eye health. Rich in antioxidants, spirulina is 10 times richer than carrots (per gram) in vitamin A – especially good for nourishing the eyes. Today, we view inflammation as an underlying stress in every disease – spirulina happens to be one of the most potent anti-inflammatory agents found in nature. And, finally, a strong digestive system will help to detoxify the body. Find out how spirulina helps to heal leaky gut syndrome and autoimmune diseases.

This week’s guest: Dr. Gerald Cyweski, the world’s leading authority on microalgae production

Dr. Gerald Cysewski received his doctorate in Chemical Engineering from the University of California at Berkeley. As co-founder of Nutrex-Hawaii, Dr. Cysewski has served as a director of the company since 1983 and, until 1996, also served as the Scientific Director. From early 1990 to May 2008, Dr. Cysewski served as President and Chief Executive Officer of the Company and – in October 1990 – was appointed to the position of Chairman of the Board.

In the early 1980s, Dr. Cysewski was a group leader of Microalgae Research and Development at Battelle Northwest, a major contract research and development firm and, before that, was an assistant professor in the Department of Chemical and Nuclear Engineering at the University of California, Santa Barbara – where he received a two-year grant from the National Science Foundation to develop a culture system for blue-green algae.

Don’t waste your health on cheap protein. The established medical and media outlets want to brainwash people into believing that health insurance will prevent disease. In reality, high-quality (organic) food is the best way to prevent disease and protect the environment.


Prickly Pear: Discover the Healing Power of an Ancient Aztec Superfood


If you live in Latin America, or a semi-arid region of the United States, a wild superfood may be ripe for the picking in your own backyard. Known as prickly pear cactus (Opuntia spp), the leaves and fruit of this desert plant can be harvested and consumed to treat a variety of conditions — including diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease and inflammation.

Native to the mountainous areas of Mexico, prickly pear cactus has been used since ancient times as a potent medicine, as well as a daily food source. Many of the nutritional advantages of the plant are attributed to its growing habitat – namely, volcanic soil and high altitude. The Aztecs so valued prickly pear that it was considered food fit for warriors and royalty. Jump to the present day and you’ll find health enthusiasts have also embraced the food for boosting stamina, improving health and slimming down.

Health perks

A common sight in Hispanic communities and Latin America, cactus as a food may seem exotic to those unfamiliar with its use. And yet, science is beginning to recognize prickly pear as a beneficial food and therapeutic medicinal for many of the health disorders plaguing us today. One of the more intriguing uses for the cactus paddle (known as nopales) is in the treatment of diabetes. As a low-glycemic, high-fiber food, nopales lowers blood sugar levels, helping to keep obesity and diabetes at bay. Moreover, research published in Chemistry Central Journal found that consuming either tortillas or bars made with nopales increased vitamin C plasma levels, and reduced both cholesterol as well as triglycerides – which is good news for those concerned about cardiovascular disease.

As an added benefit, the plant sterols found in prickly pear act as antioxidants in the system, reducing inflammation and deterring the formation of plaque on blood vessel walls. What’s more, the flavonoids present in the cactus minimize free radical load, which lessens the strain on the liver and boosts overall immunity. Since the fruit and leaves of the plant are loaded with non-carbohydrate polysaccharides in the form of pectin, hemicellulose and mucilage, prickly pear soothes and coats the digestive tract, relieving constipation as well as ulcers.

How to use

Fresh prickly pear nopales and fruit can often be found in your local supermarket – just be cautious about the source as some varieties from Mexico are contaminated with a potent neurotoxic pesticide. Tortillas and fruit bars made from prickly pear are also available. Additionally, organic nopales powder is an easy way to spruce-up your favorite smoothie. If you are lucky enough to have prickly pear cactus growing wild in your neighborhood, have a look at this informative tutorial on how to harvest and juice the fruit.


Myth Exposed: Do Eggs Really Cause High Cholesterol?


For years mainstream medicine and public health organizations have put eggs on the black list for those with high cholesterol. This view flooded the market with a series of “egg substitutes” and led to the birth of the “egg white only” movement. This movement was founded on the assumption that foods containing high cholesterol… cause high cholesterol. However, not only do eggs not increase cholesterol; they could help prevent cardiovascular disease.

A substance in eggs counteracts cholesterol and may actually prevent heart disease
Eggs, although high in cholesterol, also contain a fatty substance called lecithin. Lecithin is necessary for all living cells in the body and acts as a fat emulsifier by breaking down cholesterol and fat and preventing these substances from sticking to the walls of the arteries. In simple terms, it causes cholesterol to be dispersed into water so it can be removed from the body.

Numerous studies have shown that lecithin taken daily reduces LDL cholesterol levels, raises good cholesterol, and prevents atherosclerosis. In addition, studies on eggs have shown that eating larger amounts of eggs (avg. of seven per week) do not raise serum cholesterol levels or worsen cardiovascular health. The most recent research suggests that serum cholesterol is more affected by ones over consumption of saturated fats and trans fats found in meats and processed foods, than by the amount of cholesterol in the diet.

Cooking or “nuking” the egg destroys lecithin

Although lecithin in eggs counter balances cholesterol, lecithin can be destroyed if eggs are scrambled, over-cooked, or microwaved. Fresh organic farm eggs (from free range hens) contain the highest levels of lecithin (as well as all other nutrients)and should be consumed raw, poached, or sunny-side-up.

One egg may contain 200 milligrams of cholesterol but it also has more unsaturated fats than saturated fats, only 70 calories, and contains significant levels of vitamins A, E, D, B-12, folate, and riboflavin, nutrients shown to prevent cardiovascular disease.

The egg has been vindicated. Go eat one.


Keep Brain Shrinkage at Bay with Fish Oils


Can an abundance of fish oils in the diet keep your brain from shrinking? A new study published in the January 2014 issue of Neurology says yes.

A natural indicator of normal aging (but also a sign of Alzheimer’s disease), reduced brain size can foreshadow problems involving mental health, clarity and cognition. Due to this connection, researchers are enthusiastic about the latest findings linking omega-3 fatty acid consumption with larger brain volume.

An eight-year study

The Women’s Health Initiative Memory Study measured the levels of omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) in the red blood cells of 1,111 elderly women. Eight years later, MRI scans were performed to gauge the brain volume of each participant, who were an average age of 78. The researchers discovered that those who had higher levels of omega-3s also had larger total brain volume eight years later. According to a press release by the American Academy of Neurology:

“These higher levels of fatty acids can be achieved through diet and the use of supplements, and the results suggest that the effect on brain volume is the equivalent of delaying the normal loss of brain cells that comes with aging by one to two years,” said study author James V. Pottala, PhD.

Moreover, higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids were associated with a 2.7 percent larger volume of the hippocampus region of the brain – which plays a significant role in memory. It’s interesting to note that the hippocampus begins to atrophy long before symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease appear.

Additional brain-boosting benefits

Need further incentive to up your daily omega-3s? Research has shown supplementation with EPA and DHA reduces aggression and hostility. And harried (but generally healthy) volunteers markedly lowered their stress level after taking 1,500 mg/day of DHA.

Omega-3s also improve symptoms of depression better than Prozac. In one study, “50 percent of subjects responded well to fluoxetine [Prozac] alone, 56 percent to EPA supplementation (1,000 mg), and an impressive 81 percent in people who took both forms of treatment,” states Julius Goepp, M.D., in the article “Omega-3 Fatty Acids Increase Brain Volume While Reversing Many Aspects of Neurologic Aging.”

Dr. Goepp adds, “At doses above 2,000 mg, results are uniformly dramatic. Double-blind, placebo-controlled trials are revealing substantial superiority of omega-3 therapy to placebo, using standard depression assessment scales. Numerous other studies are further validating these dramatic effects on depression in a host of other contexts: depressive symptoms were alleviated in patients with Parkinson’s disease, and in pregnant women with major depressive disorder. A particularly powerful effect was shown in middle-aged women experiencing psychological distress and depressive symptoms during the menopausal transition.”


Jessica Simpson Shows Off 60 Pound Weight Loss With Dieters Photo

Many people confuse decline with fat reducing. When you lose weight you are lose some of fat – but if you lose weight too quickly you lose more muscle than you do fat. That is why it is to shed weight slowly and also that burn the fat whilst the important muscle weight.

Soak and many others jujube or Indian plum leaves for hours on end. Strain the water every day and consume on a clear stomach. It lets you do prove valuable in garcinia cambogia curing complications.

It is a choice that you need to make. A decision for a different and healthier life, when compared to an unhealthy life. Proper active lifestyle leads in order to some happier and fulfilling life, you ought to want to become happy and healthy, as well as to to help achieve something good in your own life.

The secret to getting in shape fast is staying true for chosen Garcinia Cambogia program and in case you cannot stick for the instructions your program, this is not likely that you lose weight at each of. The great thing about Medifast Diet Plan is it balances everything out. You would not necessarily required to just make yourself appear hungry. Claims would even require a person eat good deal more. Now, that is strange for diet plan program but what Medifast Weight Loss program offers do is make own a balanced diet and improve your metabolism. The dietary plan will design your metabolism work faster that creates your body burn more calories in under time.

You are presently on the get fat program, weather you made it happen unconsciously or deliberately, you are. Now in order to have accomplished that goal, you discover maybe it wasn’t the best choice, it is therefore time to modify your mind and go throughout the dr oz healthier you are planning.

What Initially like about the program was that the weekly meetings weren’t very informative. The particular end from the 10 weeks only a few of us were left attending the meetings. Maybe it might have been different if I really went to the center to obtain weighed and attended those meetings. I never learned how consume healthy. They didn’t teach me that. Overall I did end up losing my weight target goal nevertheless i think which was just dumb luck. Since then I happen to struggling at a time same 5 pounds up and down. My mom just joined again and is actually having great success. She has lost a total of 9 pounds it can be has only been three weeks. I think I’d personally have liked it better if they educated me on ways to eat. I am aware one thing for sure is my partner and i am not going to another expert in nutrition.

Fat is often a necessary a part of a good diet as long as you might be careful about how precisely exactly much you consume. With a combination of a balanced, healthy exercise you certainly to see results in a matter of a few short weeks time.

Weight Loss Food And Important Things To Consider Weight Loss

It’s among the the frequent complaints from dieters: “Help! I’ve the weight they lost but my skin is wrecked.” In case you are a celebrity on a weight loss plan, you can promptly schedulae an appoitment with Beverly Hill’s most expensive and exclusive dermatologist and nutritionist. You will even stroll down Rodeo Drive and go on the shopping spree for those teeny tiny potions promising to erase your wrinkles and heal your dermititis overnight. Does it take the pocketbook power of a star to weight loss AND gorgeous skin? No! Just follow these five rules produced for beauty on the budget.

Another guidance is that tend to be many hundreds not really thousands of books on weight loss . These a person with the plan you really should accomplish pounds loss ambitions. Some courses could possibly get on their own internet have various tools that you can use for tracking your progress, thereby on.

You cannot lose weight when you take in a massive bowl of pasta right in front of. Such poor timing dumps unneeded calories on a dr oz metabolism at it’s slowest point.

Rule #8 Unless you might be embarking around the induction phase of the Atkins diet -which some may argue is particularly controversial diet- know not all carbohydrates are depressing. Carbohydrates are used as fuel, and if you anticipate being able to maintain healthy stages of energy, you’ll need them. Now of course there are what are bad carbs, like sugary snacks, white bread and pasta, etcetra. There likewise good sugars. Slow releasing carbohydrates, like the ones found in brown rice, can a person stay energized and feeling really garcinia cambogia.

Honda has helped many people to breakthrough force loss plateau where various other ways have poor. Honda offers an instantaneous solution to deal with the burden loss motivation reason. Having the constant reminder of cravings for food off from your day can make the load loss resolution therefore abundant easier to do.

When you exercise, you burn calorie consumption. The harder you workout and also the more intensity you infuse into your cardio routine, the more calories you’ll need eliminate. It is far more exercise, at the very least will burn carbs as the energy source to continue the do physical exercise. If there are few carbs in your system, program will burn stored fat for food. The goal of mixing the two, exercise and “Fat Loss 4 Idiots” will lead for you to burn up tons of stored fat in a concise period time. Unfortunately, is undoubtedly one drawback, the regarding carbs could lead on to immediate fatigue activity . work from.

Poultry, shellfish, and meat benefit your skin with zinc. Dieters will fill up but aren’t quite out with lean cuts of poultry and meat (for example, a chicken breast with your skin removed). Take off the zinc, an individual get dry, rough skin as an end result. Protein overall is a consideration for your skin and health and well being.